We need to learn to worship God in every area of our lives: at home, at work, in our cars... everywhere. In this article, we're going to let Psalm 95 give us some ideas for learning to better worship God at church. Believe it or not, worship does not happen automatically the moment you walk through the doors of the church each week! There are some choices that you can make that will bring a real difference to your focus on God during worship. As often as we attend services where we are supposed to worship, we spend very little time talking about HOW to worship. Most of us spend more time training on how to work at our computer than how to worship our creator


As children navigate through their day to day lives, they get the chance to practice the Bible.

We at Bethel church Sunday school, work along side parents to read, explain and help implement the Word of God so they can have a better gage in the world. Our lesson plans include, but aren’t limited to, PowerPoint presentations, question and answer sessions, verse memorization and quizzes, all of which help connect what they’ve learned to the real world.

Our ultimate goal help raise a army of God whom are well versed on the Holy Spirit, Salvation and the love of Christ.


Just as food nourishes our body, prayer also nourishes our soul. As Jesus prayed for his friend Simon also called Peter, we will pray for your mercy, wisdom, strength, health and provision Luke22: 31-32.

Let’s come to Prayer every Friday Night, we are seeking God for our Church, our community and Family of Christ.

If you have any Prayer Request please contact us through our contact form.